Whatsapp is the biggest piece of shit software for Android

First of all: I have no idea why everyone picks whatsapp of all instant messaging clients on the world. Only explanation is inertia. Why? Because (a) It's bug-ridden, (b) it's poorly designed, and (c) it's propietary shit

It's a piece of shit designed for the developers' phones, and not for the layman, only for San Fransicoan hipster that drinks starbucks and develops on a (you can laugh here) a Mac

It has obvious bugs

Try to listen to an audio in a mid-low end phone. It'll probably stutter, and put the whole screen in black. That's obviously poorly implemented. There's probably more bugs where that shit came from. It's not hard to oldie-proof your software, but of course you can't support Android 2.1 phones, oh no, you HAVE to include dipshit.h or whatever just so you can have an animation for tapping

It's poorly designed

Try to download an image, then delete it. You can't natively from the program. So, go to your file manager and delete the image. Then try to redownload your image. You can't. The program prompts you saying "I couldn't find the image on your SD card". But there's no prompt for redownloading. Of course, this is because San Franciscoans just ditch their phones when they get full of black-on-white cuckold porn. Never reuse what you have, what for? The System needs consumerism to subsist, and they ARE The System, no matter how many piercings and Disney tatoos they get.

It's propietary shit

Trusting Whatsapp, a subsidiary of Facebook, with your instant messaging, especially when you can't see the source code, is the worst you could do

Why not a different format?

Why not IRC, with maybe normie-friendly shit, why do we have to put ourselves in a jail we won't be able to escape? Even Telegram is better than this, even though it's also shit. More on the other page.